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Are you looking to replace / repair/ upgrade your Sofa ?

Expert couch repair help is only a mouse click away!

Sofa Repair  


When we enter a living room, one of the first things we seek for is comfort. One of the most reliable Sofa Repair services in Bengaluru is offered by Andrew Sofas. This comfort is a direct result of the furnishings that you have selected for the living room. Sofas are widely considered to be among the most comfortable pieces of seating furnishings. The appearance of the living area as a whole is altered as a result of the sofas.
Your living area will have a more warm and inviting atmosphere as a result of having nice-looking sofas. But what if your sofa gets damaged? Both you and your visitors will be let down if that happens.
One of the most reputable businesses in Bangalore that specialises in sofa repairs is called Andrew Couches. They can be found in the city of Bangalore. You no longer have to give up on your favourite couch simply due to the fact that it has been damaged.
The team of experts at Andrew sofas will restore the peeled covers, rugged couches, and pry skin on your sofa.

Sofa Upholstery Services

You can breathe new life into your couch by upgrading its seats, in particular, by adding padding, springs, webbing, and covers made of fabric or leather. Repairing couch upholstery is one of our specialties here at The Andrewsofas, which is located in Bangalore. The challenge that lies ahead of you lies in selecting the upholstery fabric for your couch or armchair. When making decisions, we take into account comfort, design, and longevity.

If you select the appropriate inner layers for your sofa, it can have a lengthy life. Even though these components cannot be seen from the outside, they are still very important to the overall comfort of the building.

Make some adjustments to the ambiance and vibe of your sitting room. We are able to coordinate the fabric with the furnishings as well as the rest of your interiors.

The team of experts at Andrewsofas offers the most superior Sofa Upholstery Repair in Bangalore, which includes the addition of relaxation and luxury.


Custom Made Sofa Repair

Andrewsofas has been in the business of making sofas for 5 years, and they specialise in making them to order so that they can fit the specific requirements of each customer. The skilled engineers, woodworkers, and tailors at our company can make custom furnishings to fit any space and need. After 5 years of service, we have perfected the art of delivering furnishings on time.

One of our major offerings is tailor-made sofas; we deal with straight, angular, semicircular, and modular shapes so you can have the sofa of your dreams in any configuration you can imagine.

We never lose sight of the fact that a truly exceptional custom couch will be a step above the norm in terms of both design and comfort. Every bend and sweep will be meticulously executed so that you can rest easy.

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