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Bring back your old sofa into the latest one by Andrew sofa upholstery repairs. We provide Recliner Sofa upholstery in Bangalore.

All your sofa repairs are done at your comfort.No more deal with carpenters and liners.

No more worrying about the quality of materials being used. We assure that here we only use advanced tools and machinery.

We are proud to always offer you quality products, professional service and outstanding value for money. 

We consider comfort, style, and durability. We can do every possible change to your old or torn sofa.

Even moderation will bring out extra luxury and comfort.

Recliner Sofa Repair includes:

  1. Cost savings: Repairing your chair sofa can save you money. A professional repair agency can find and fix the underlying issues causing your sofa to malfunction, extending its lifespan and saving you money.

  2. Improved comfort: A broken recliner sofa can cause back ache. Repairing your sofa lets you use all its reclining settings and support.

  3. Safety: A broken recliner sofa can be dangerous, especially if the mechanism or frame is unsteady. Repairing your sofa reduces the risk of injury and mishaps.

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