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Andrewsofa provides outstanding leather sofa repair in Bangalore. We will send a skilled team of technicians to check your furniture and offer the best treatment for it! We deep clean to remove soil buildup, restore color (through dye and pigment application), and recondition the leather using rehydrating lotions. Our treatment restores the original gloss and texture of leather, bringing your magnificent leather sofas back to life! Our leather sofa repair Bangalore service is performed on-site!

With many years of professional experience in the leather industry, we can simply mend a tear, scuff, scratch, or damage caused by your pet on leather sofas, chairs, and couches! Our professional tailors and craftsmen provide flawless and discreet repairing, darning, patchwork, and pasting solutions!

We also clean, restore, and repair four-wheeler leather seats, leather steering wheels, two-wheeler seats, two-wheeler saddle bags, leather carpets, and other leather items.

We strongly advise our customers to chose regular upkeep and repair of their leather furniture (ideally 2-4 times per year). This is, of course, dependent on the age of the leather and the pace of use!

Sofa Repair and service include

  1. Extended lifespan: Fixing your sofa can prolong its use. A expert repair agency can fix structural or mechanical issues and repair or replace upholstery and cushioning to keep your sofa comfortable and functional.

  2. Cost savings: Fixing your sofa can save you money. A professional repair agency can find and fix the root causes of your sofa's problems, saving you money.

  3. Improved appearance: A worn sofa can deter from your living room's appearance. Your sofa can look new again after repair. Clean and polish your sofa with an expert repair service.

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