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10 Interesting Facts About Your Sofa

This blog helps you to know some of the fun facts about the sofa. the sofa is one of the most welcoming things in the house and one of the most comfortable ones. so it becomes almost inevitable to have one at your house, they are very versatile and can cater to both your needs and the needs and the need of the guests

Fell like pharaohs

The word sofa originated from the Arabic word suffer, meaning bench. the word itself also dates back to 2000 BC Egypt, Upholstery began in ancient Egypt sofas are almost a replication of the furniture from the time of the pharaohs.

Huge variety

There are 17 known types of a sofa. all of them are built so that you can have a good and comfortable time with your loved ones. the huge variety of fabric and leather gives us several permutations and combinations to choose from.

the perfect companion

Sofas are generally the place to relax. Once caught in its elegant beauty and comfort it's hard to leave. Sofas owners sit on their sofas for an average of 4 hours each day. An average sofa can withstand your children's jumping up and down 587 times making the perfect companion with whom your kids can have fun and it is one of the fun facts about the sofa

The pride of the living room

New couples who own a sofa will use it to kiss each other q2 time a month and cuddles up to 14 times a month.

That's a total of 1,175 kisses and 1,369 cuddles over a sofa's lifetime. A sofa is not only a witness to its owners' love it is also a witness to their disputes or arguments. An average sofa is a witness to 293 arguments over its lifetime and it is one of the fun facts about the Sofa.

The secret bank

it's funny how a sofa can also be your piggy bank. owner finds money inside the sofa three times a month mostly coins and rarely bills, this sometimes can be a lifesaver

A Lost and found

in a month, an average child will also lose approximately 4 toys and 3 socks, and other random items of clothing at the back of the sofa. we sometimes find the most random and unexpected things on our sofa

A secondary bed

some of us may hate to admit it, but we also use sofas as beds, sofas are used 498 times as a bed, and 293 of those time was a result of a domestic dispute. although not good for our health and posture, we all love a comfy nap on a Saturday.

The perfect host

A family dinner can also happen on a sofa. it seats families and residents for 13 tv dinners per month, and homeowners would watch 1.271 soap operas and 782 films together while snuggling up on a sofa,

The Unsung hero

Sofas are witnesses and survivors of a lot of spillages An average sofa has wine split on it every two weeks and tea or coffee three times a week. when families decide to watch soap operas or, movies whiles eating dinner on their sofas, children accidentally drop their food and drinks on the sofa thrice every 2 weeks or 72 times a year. Funnily, even the parents will spill some of their dinners on the sofa 6 times a month. that's a total of 1, 663 spillages over the sofa's lifetime! Unfortunately, 87 of the whole sofa owner community

wouldn't consider getting their sofas, cleaned

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