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Sofa Buying Guide

The worst time to discover you despise a new sofa is after it has been delivered. The ease of internet shopping makes browsing more convenient, but when buying a couch online, it's critical to complete your research. We can tell you exactly what distinguishes a fantastic sofa from a future curbside giveaway after hundreds of hours of research, including visits to three furniture companies, interviews with industry experts, and parking ourselves on practically every sofa we've seen. This guide will lead you through all you need to know about purchasing a long-lasting—and comfortable—piece of furniture for your house. We also propose a few worthy companies that we've personally tried and tested.

Choosing the best type and design of sofa for your area and budget starts with selecting what you want. You'll also need to figure out what size sofa will fit in your space (including through doorways, down hallways, and upstairs, among other exterior and interior obstructions). Then think about how many people you'll be seating and what you should avoid (and invest in) if you'll be using the sofa frequently with pets or children. We'll show you how to spot high-quality construction, how much you should budget, and when the greatest discounts are available. We've also put out a buying guide for you to use. while you’re shopping to help you remember the most important details.

Because a sofa is one of the most expensive pieces of furniture that most people buy, we recommend that you test one out in person or purchase from an online retailer with a substantial return policy. We hope that after reading this advice, you will feel confident in purchasing a sofa that will add value to your existing and future house. Also, check out our companion story, Sofa Buying Advice From the People Who Design and Make Them, for more information on why two seemingly identically looking sofas can have significantly different pricing.

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